it’s a good moanin’ breakfast

Get a small pot out and boil up 2 chopped potatoes (al dente). In your fry pan throw in about 1-2 tablespoons organic olive oil. Cut up half an onion (chop) and 2 small campari tomatoes with a little braggs aminos in the pan on medium. Allow the water from the tomatoes to “cook off”. While that’s cooking. Get 2 eggs in a bowl to whisk and throw in a small handful of goat cheese crumbles. Your frying pan should start smell really good about now, lower the heat down to a 3-4 and add the eggs mixture on top of the toms and onions. If you like cayenne pepper you can shake some on the eggs to your delight. Then on a plate throw on some chopped radish greens and spinach, drizzle greens with some lemon and garlic powder. Slice a half avocado and put on greens. Your potatoes should be done, add a little olive oil, salt and pepper. The eggs need to be flipped omelet style. You may not get a perfect flip because the tomatoes make it difficult. You can flip and brown the eggs. When finished, throw the eggs on the greens and make some room for the potatos. This breakfast will kick-start your day, it’s pretty damn good if I may say so!


Food Snob

I diverge from recipes to ranting. So if you’d like to hear some of my thoughts about the my restaurant confusion read on.

“It’s official” I said to my friend and to the waitress “I’m a food snob” after complaining to her about my salad. Tonight me and a friend went out to a new eatery to have dinner. I don’t eat out often because I have my reasons, but….Anyhow, the menu was your regular bar/pub menu. For starters were given stale butter popcorn with gooey sriracha sauce poured on top.(?)

I ordered red pepper soup and a mixed green salad. The soup was pretty good and then my salad came out. It was a plate of ice berg lettuce wilted, cold squishy tomatoes, loaded with shredded cheese, onion clumps, and a few carrot match stick’s. The dressing was something…not quite sure what? Then to top it off there is dance club music playing loudly, seven televisions blaring, showing blood, guts and politics. And of course a few stragglers at the bar talking loudly as if they were at a dance club.

This is my issue…Along time ago restaurants were called “restoratives”. Passers by would come in and get restored. The cook would fix meals that were healthy so that the traveler could get on nourished and full filled. Today, many restaurants haven’t a clue about the most amazing and creative healing qualities about food. They stick to the same garbage menu pulling crap out of a bag to heat up in a microwave with no sense to feed the people with something called pure love. There is one restaurant (Terra Preta) in our area that actually “gets it” and you can taste the difference.

What would I do if I had the time and money to open up a restaurant? It would be cozy, chill music, work with local farms, the menu would be extraordinary, support local original art and music, teach classes on gardening, herbal remedies and food medicine just to name a few things. People would feel nourished, relaxed and energized. That’s what food is for, pure medicine. Why do people spend thousands of dollars opening up a business to just sell and create what every one else is creating? And then in a few years close up shop because “it just didn’t bring in customers. Why? because it’s like every other place in town!  bland, boring same ole same ole crappy food and in turn makes you feel crappy.

This world and our land is so full of amazing diverse foods! Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? It’s like using 3 colors from a crayon box of 64! In my kitchen there are endless possibilities. I think fear gets in the way of what people “think” people would like to eat, so they settle. Then there are the rare restaurants and cooks that think outside the box and dive into their love given talent and creative juices… really great restaurants have that “something” that is unique, loving, and exciting. When I go out to eat I want to moan in delight, I want to feel gratitude from my head to toes! I want to taste life, fresh and full of sun energy. People today need a food revolution. It begins with educating ourselves, caring for our bodies and treating our intelligent systems with instinct and wisdom. If we want to be a healthy people, a loving people, an energized, disease free people we must begin with our own ecosystems, our own body. One day at a time they say….one day at a time.



autumn equinox soup

Get your self a nice big butternut squash chop up (with skin on) and throw it in the oven in a glass pan covered with tinfoil,  on 350 for about 45 minutes.

Then get a large soup pot and add 5 cups of water boiling. As the water heats cut up and throw in the pot 2 yams (peeled), 3 parsnips (peel) 2 teaspoons better then bullion (veg).   3 teaspoons coconut oil. 2 potatoes (peel) 5 carrots (peel) 1/2 cup almond milk.                   (add more water enough to cover veggies) teaspoon of dried parsley. a few shakes of black pepper& real salt. 5 cloves garlic. thumb size of ginger grated. few dashes of nutmeg and 1/4 cardamom. I keep the heat on med.

Get your blender out (butternut squash should be ready, let cool… peel skin and throw in blender with a little juice from soup pot. Pour blended squash in a bowl. When the soup is done (veggies are tender) blend the rest and pour back into pot.

You can garnish it with goat cheese crumbles if you like. I also had sprouted bread toasted with guacamole spread (1 mashed avocado, pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic power) This soup is great as the season turns from the heat to a nice cozy chill. Oh! and it’s delish!

peaceful warrior green drink

1/2 squeezed lemon. 1/2 can coconut milk. 1 sliced cucumber (keep skin on if organic). 1/2 pear. handful of blueberries. 7 strawberries. 1 cup almond milk. handful almonds.                   1 tablespoon of chia seeds and flax meal. BLEND WELL.  Then, 4 handfuls of baby kale.           1 cup of water. BLEND. Then 2 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder. BLEND.

Get that blender or ninja out that you never use. Use it every morning and begin your day treating your amazing body with delicious ingredients.

Positive side effects to eating well  and alkaline include:

Better mood. More stamina and energy. Better bowel function. Sleep sounder. Enhanced gratitude. Taste buds and scent glands enriched. Feeling of lightness.You will become more in tune with your inner being. Less doctor and dentist visits. Less needed medication. Clearer mind. No disease. You live the way you were intended, happy. 🙂

Italian Stallion (soup)

7 cups bone broth. 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary (chopped). 5 cloves garlic (squashed and minced). 1/2 onion (chopped). 1 big juicy tomato (chop). 7 leaves of collards (chop). 5 cups water (thank you water) 1  1/2tbs of better than bullion (veg). 4 cups cabbage (chop)             20 shakes of oregano. big pinch of dry garden parsley. big pinch dried garden basil. 1  1/2 cup celery. 2 cups of brocolli.2 tbs olive oil  (organic if you will) 2 tbs braggs aminos.              7 shakes of crushed red. 1 cup sprouted lentils.

So I threw the frozen broth on the stove in a pot med to high heat and then turned it down to medium low heat and I begin chopping and throwing things in. I don’t cook the veggies too long, I like them al dente. This is a great soup on a chilly day! And you may yell “yeee haaa” when you eat it.