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it’s a good moanin’ breakfast

Get a small pot out and boil up 2 chopped potatoes (al dente). In your fry pan throw in about 1-2 tablespoons organic olive oil. Cut up half an onion (chop) and 2 small campari tomatoes with a little braggs aminos in the pan on medium. Allow the water from the tomatoes to “cook off”. While that’s cooking. Get 2 eggs in a bowl to whisk and throw in a small handful of goat cheese crumbles. Your frying pan should start smell really good about now, lower the heat down to a 3-4 and add the eggs mixture on top of the toms and onions. If you like cayenne pepper you can shake some on the eggs to your delight. Then on a plate throw on some chopped radish greens and spinach, drizzle greens with some lemon and garlic powder. Slice a half avocado and put on greens. Your potatoes should be done, add a little olive oil, salt and pepper. The eggs need to be flipped omelet style. You may not get a perfect flip because the tomatoes make it difficult. You can flip and brown the eggs. When finished, throw the eggs on the greens and make some room for the potatos. This breakfast will kick-start your day, it’s pretty damn good if I may say so!